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Grow your business with myhealthshop marketplace Our customers are looking for all types of health and beauty products, making My Health Shop one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling products. Take this great opportunity to grow your sales online.

What to sell?

What to sell?

Sell your products in over 44 categories or suggest a category. Add your products to our hundreds of existing listings.

Why sell on myhealthshop?

Why sell on myhealthshop?

- New customers
- Brand awareness
- Convenient and secure online shopping experience for customers

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Products are bought by myhealthshop customers


You fulfil the products to the customers


Receive payment

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" I've been using the MyHealthShop marketplace for just one month and so far have found it to be a good outlet for our products. It's easy to load products and the seller dashboard helps monitor orders and payments. The customer service support is excellent too." "
Cathryn from SimplySeedz says

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